Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Awesome Weekend

Good Morning!

I had such a great weekend!  Saturday I went out "treasure hunting" and found lots of cool things....including an old vintage screen door with cut out hearts in each corner AND it was already painted off white.  I've always wanted one.  Also on Saturday, I had great women stop in the shop.  Love meeting and visiting.....so interesting and creative people.

So now I have all these new projects to work on (on top of the other 200 I already have).  So yesterday I was cleaning them and getting them ready to paint.  I found this cute little blue shelf unit that I thought I could just wash and paint over top.  When I started washing it....the painted started to peel off.  It became very elasticy (I know, not a word, but that is what happened). I could just pull the paint off when it was wet.  Below are a few pictures.

It's important to prep your piece right.  I like to lightly sand, clean, and use a good primer like Zinsser.  Or you can use chalk paint.  I plan on doing some experimenting this week with home made chalk paint (adding plaster of paris to your paint).

Wishing everyone a fabulous week.
And DREAM big.


Sharon said...

How do you trace graphics? Do you use tracing paper? If so, how do you keep the color of the tracing paper from showing in your final product?

Vintage Treasures said...

If I'm tracing the graphic onto a project I use graphite paper. After I'm finished the project I use an eraser to remove any marks. Another method I use is an overhead project. There are really good tutorials on graphicsfairy.blogspot.ca for different transfer methods.

I hope this helps!