Sunday, 30 September 2012

Happy Fall!!!!

It's been so beautiful on Vancouver Island.  I love each changing season and the different decor and crafts that go with them.  I'm into the "Pumpkin" thing right now.

Some of the little fabric shabby chic pumpkins I made.

The large white pumpkin is one I bought from Michaels (it was orange and I painted it white).  Then I traced the word BOO onto the pumpkin and filled it in with a black Sharpie permanent marker.

Painted the stem, gave it a coat of clear varnish and added a few spiders.....DONE!

Until next time

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Awesome Weekend

Good Morning!

I had such a great weekend!  Saturday I went out "treasure hunting" and found lots of cool things....including an old vintage screen door with cut out hearts in each corner AND it was already painted off white.  I've always wanted one.  Also on Saturday, I had great women stop in the shop.  Love meeting and interesting and creative people.

So now I have all these new projects to work on (on top of the other 200 I already have).  So yesterday I was cleaning them and getting them ready to paint.  I found this cute little blue shelf unit that I thought I could just wash and paint over top.  When I started washing it....the painted started to peel off.  It became very elasticy (I know, not a word, but that is what happened). I could just pull the paint off when it was wet.  Below are a few pictures.

It's important to prep your piece right.  I like to lightly sand, clean, and use a good primer like Zinsser.  Or you can use chalk paint.  I plan on doing some experimenting this week with home made chalk paint (adding plaster of paris to your paint).

Wishing everyone a fabulous week.
And DREAM big.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

 This is my first time as a Blogger!  I must warn you...I have terrible spelling....even with spell check!!!

I have always dreamed of having my own little shop and in February 2012 that dream came true.  I have a little shop called "Vintage Treasures".  It's located in the quaint courtyard at Whippletree Junction in Duncan, BC.  I fell in love with Whippletree the first time I visited there in 2008.  I have met some wonderful people here.  It's become like a second home.

I love treasure hunting for unique things that can be repurposed or upcycled and crafting of course.
I will keep you posted on projects I'm working on.

Today I tried a technique I saw online.  Where you print an image onto tissue paper and decoupage the image on a canvas. I came across an image I knew Leola (a wonderful fellow merchant at Whippletree) from leolasstudio would I thought I would make it for her.

Supplies:  Canvas, tissue paper (taped onto cardstock), Modge Podge
Image printed on tissue paper

Final result

I love how it turned out. I antiqued the edges and gave it a top coat of decoupage.  It makes it look like a real painting on canvas.The picture does not due it justice. Leola loved it, by the way!!!  Such a lovely lady :)

Well that's it.  I DID IT!!!!  Blogging has begun. Big sigh.

Until next time
Happy thoughts